Lost In Your Eyes (DubFX + Hugo The Poet)

by DubFX & Hugo The Poet



A crossover track with DubFX, featuring melodic work from Andy V.

A song dedicated to the innocents affected by the Syrian Crisis. ALL proceeds from the sale of this track will go to UNICEF's Syria Crisis Appeal.



I risk
one final glance at your iris
Before the pouring tide of smoke and rubble and aweful violence
Before all of the four horsemen from some preachers torn up bibles
all come galloping, riding in

With war and famine, reaper’s scythes and endless Pestilence,
before the fathomless Depths of internecine fighting claims us
Before the fires of barrel bombs, black flags and
Before my mind flips into the very centre of the eye of the tempest

My wish
is just for one more time to hear your laughter
See your smile, embrace you tenderly in our secret apartment
Hold you in our bed and picture all hereafters
In the mist of fruit tobacco vapours sailing to the rafters

Look in your eye and feel the God in that iris atlas
More powerful than any god they wrote in any abrahamic pamphlets
But if their god exists I wish he might have asked us
If we wanted this road of torture, war and scorched earthto lead right to Damascus

Way before the regime Invaded the scene, you and me were on the same team
teenage dreams and teenage kicks, It was months before we even kissed
and the second we did I knew you were the one
that I had been put on this earth to find my sun, my land my sky My ship my map,

my journey, my seas, my heart, my wings
My seasons my summer winter autumn everything,
and when the arab spring Sprung we cheered along as no one had a doubt
That villagers should be allowed to come to town and protest about the drought

And when the shots rang out And turned the city square into a firing range
I held you a tighter but none could have predicted how the climate changed
When people we knew were disappeared and life in our streets was deceased
And people talked in hush tones about the secret police

And we see an increase in the rhetoric. But it was too late to stand back
The colour of the market places replaced with rubble and sand bags
I recall our confusion when we first saw the black flags and our sadness
When we recognised we may never get to trek that road back to Damascus

I risk one more glance at your Iris
Wondering if there’s really a god to hear my wish
That you will escape from within this storm this tempest
From the depths of this endless madness this nemesis
Of the temptation of violence

that lies behind the eyes of any person on this earth
And the books and lies that can derange the perception of what peace is truly worth
I watch my blood slip out of me and mingle with the dirt
And it’s your eyes that I see as my destinies converge

The ringing of the tinnitus from the impact is drowned out by your delicate words
And a phantom sensation of your embrace erases the hurt
And the memory of the bump that grows beneath your shirt
The one regret I have is that I’ll never see the birth

And even as I return my Dust to dust, ash to ashes
and my essence collapses in rubble avalanches
And I float past these tunnel walls of alabaster blackness
My prayer echoes passionate for peace to travel back to us along the road to Damascus


released June 2, 2016
Song created by DubFX and Andy V
Rap lyrics written and performed by Hugo The Poet




Hugo The Poet Melbourne, Australia

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